Monday, August 9, 2010

A Short Poem and a Nonet

A Thought

When choosing someone to despise,
People often choose the wise,
for there is no one quite as tart
As a person, who is smart.

A Nonnet

A nonnet is an interesting poem

Some say it's similar to a sonnet

But it's not one; it has more room to roam

And that is why it is called a nonnet.

A sonnet is strict, it has fourteen lines

It also has a couplet at the end

There are many more distinguishing signs

That makes it hard; a nonnet is your friend.

In a nonnet there can be no real rules

A nonnet doesn't have to make any sense

One day they just might teach nonnets at school

Because writing sonnets makes me feel tense.

When you write nonnets you feel like a kid

I'd never write sonnets, but I just did.

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