Thursday, October 7, 2010

Neurons (A rap)

You now my rhymes are just turning on,

Now it’s time to learn about a Neuron.

The Cell Body is surrounded by Dendrites,

Receiving messages mornings and nights

Then the messages are passed on

All thanks to the Axon

Which is protected, yes that is my belief

The increase of speed is all thanks to the Myelin Sheath

But it would not really function

If it were not for this awesome junction

The terminal branches connect to other cells, yes this is smart

Now you know all of the Neurons parts!

But how do they work? I’ll tell you with no hesitation

It all has to do with depolarization

You know what I am talking about

Sodium goes in and potassium goes out!

I’m almost done rapping, so please don’t hate

I’m going to talk about how Neurons communicate!

Across the Synapse, the action potential goes

Then from Vesicles the neurotransmitter flows

Now the next part is important make no mistake

The excess neurotransmitters are reabsorbed, which is called reuptake

So there you go,

Facts about Neurons you now know!

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