Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Glass Princess [A Short Story]

(I did this one children book style. Enjoy)

One upon a time in the village of Florn

A beautiful little girl was born

Her mother saw her as a wonderful prize

Because of the girls clean skin and very dark eyes.

And the girl was given whatever she pleased

From golden gowns to wild pear trees

Her mother gave her chocolate bars and ruffled hats

Shinny pearls and little white kitty cats

Purple bows and soft earmuffs

Tiny little jewels and bright red cuffs

And she lived in a beautiful big house on a hill

But she could never leave because she was ill.

And although she could have all that she wanted and more

She found she was lonely, and her life was a bore.

“Now my dear, do not fret for the world is a nasty place, so full of hate and strife

That is why, my dear little girl, you will stay here for your whole life.”

Her mother said, as she kissed the top of her daughters head,

As she did every night when she tucked the little girl into bed.

So the little girl listened to her mother and did what she was told

And she never doubted her dear mommy until she turned ten years old.

On the day that her tenth birthday did pass

Her mother gave her a little princess made of fine glass.

“Put it up high, were it will shine,

Just like you, my daughter of mine

For if you play with it, it will be a terrible mistake

Because this princess is fragile and surely will break.”

Her mother smiled and left her alone

With nothing but the glass princess to call her own.

The little girl put the princess up high

Where she couldn’t touch her, even if she did try

And so she sat in her room alone all that day

Looking at the little glass princess and wanting to play

Her mother’s words wrung in her ear

To break the princess was her worst fear

But the princess looked lonely high on the shelf

With no one to play with, always by herself

The girl started stacking up books and her garbage can

To retrieve the princess was her great new plan.

She did it! She got the glass princess down

She was perfect from her glass slippers to her little glass crown

The girl’s joy was at its highest peak

And she played with only the glass princess for the next week.

She loved her glass princess, and knew she was loved back

It was as if the two had made a silent pact.

But one day when she was playing make-believe with her favorite friend

Her hand slipped, and well, that was the end.

The little glass princess fell to the floor

Where she shattered into glittering bits and then was no more.

The little girl could not believe her eyes

And it was then that she knew her mother had been telling her nothing but lies.

So the little girl left her home

To see the world, to travel and roam

And she found splendid things like no other

And they were far better than the trinkets given to her by her mother.

For the girl experienced life and got what she would earn

She learned to love and be loved in return

There were good times and bad times, but everything would pass

But the little girl learned to live, even though she knew she could shatter like glass.


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